23 Feb 2013

Fake Android App Alert: Beware of Malware


The recent news from New Delhi alerts all the android users that internet security agencies fond a new malware sneaks into mobile phones without consent and send messages to unknown contacts. The Computer Emergency Response Team of India  identified the malware as “Superclean” or “DroidCleaner”.
It has been observed that an Android malware capable of infecting the connected (from smartphone) turned out to be a good reputation app (application) disguised in the name of “Superclean/DroidCleaner” and is capable of infecting the USB connected to personal computer, The Computer Emergency Response Team of India adviced to all the Android users in india 
The agency also exclaimed that the malware calls home to remote domains and downloads executable files like svchosts.exe, folder.ico, Autorun.inf on the root of the secure digital (SD) card which is capable of spying onto user personal computer.

“The app in general seeks the permissions to access and change the Wi-fi sate, SMS manipulations, reading the contact details, uploading the SD card contents and contacting remote servers as seen from the AndroidManifest file,” the advisory said.

As a precautionary measure, agencies are asking smartphone users to be careful with calls or messages from unknown and anonymous numbers. “The app is enabled by the main launcher and subsequently restarts the running apps in the smartphone” said the security agents. 

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