28 Dec 2012

Best 5 Apps to Find Wi-Fi Hotspots for iOS, Android

Here we posting Top 5 Apps for iOS and Android to find WiFi Hotspots.Using below apps you can find WiFI Hotspots on your locations.

1.Wi-Fi Finder
Wi-Fi Finder is available worldwide and it is also available for both Android and iOS users, making it usable by most smartphone owners. The app has two different tools that users can use to search for public hotspots: a map-based solution to view every Wi-Fi area near them and a scanner for when they get in a particular area and what to get close to the Wi-Fi signal.
Download for iOS, Android

2.Free Wi-Fi Locator
Free Wi-Fi Locator is available for both Android and iOS makes this app very popular among all users that want to stay connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi hotspots. The app is very useful almost anywhere in the US and thanks to its simple and fast moving UI, you will have all the information you need within seconds.
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3. Wi-Fi Fastconnect Hotspot Locator
Wi-Fi Fastconnect Hotspot Locator gives its users a map with most of the public Wi-Fi zones listed, as well as a list with detailed information on each of them.This App is also having more Features compare to other Hotspot Apps.
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4.TWC Wi-Fi Finder
TWC Wi-Fi Finder works well and Map service make the app very fast. Its only major disadvantage is the limitation imposed by its subscription to only one service. But for those who have subscriptions to TWC, this app is perfect.
Download for iOS, Android

5.Free Zone Wi-Fi
Free Zone Wi-Fi is useful to Access and socialize WiFi: Save your 3G data package using Free Zone networks.Free Zone is the app that helps you find theperfect and free WiFi hotspots.
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