20 Dec 2012

New iPhone that runs Android OS

Here very intresting news for the geeks who have always to have an iPhone running Android OS. IGB Eletronica SA has announced an iphone with Android OS. IGB Electronica is a the Brazilian electronics manufacturer 
The company said it would begin selling its line of smartphones in Brazil under the brand "iphone; the first model will be called "iphone Neo One," IGB said in a securities filing.
Though most of you will see it as a clear violation of trademark, but the fact is that IGB, which was formed this year after the restructuring of Gradiente Eletronica SA, had applied for the rights to use the "iphone" cognomen in Brazil back in 2000, while Steve Jobs came up with its first smartphone under the iPhone branding in 2007.
IGB applied years before Apple introduced its first iPhone. Thus the company insists that it has exclusive local rights to sell a handset under the iPhone branding. Also, in 2008, the company secured rights to the name from a local regulator of patents.
Apple has also faced similar challenges in the past. Though IGB has named its iphone but in reality the iphone Neo One is neither an iPhone clone nor does it resemble in any way the Apple iPhone.

iphone Neo Specs:
  • Touch screen-3.7-inch display
  • It runs Android 2.3.4 Operating System
  • 5 Megapixel camera
  • Dual SIM iphone

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