9 Oct 2012

1 Gbps broadband speed plans for India retail users soon


We Know Google Introduced High speed internet Plan in USA.According telecom infrastructure firm Radius Infratel ,Retail broadband users may have access to ultra-fast download speeds of one gigabit per second plan by mid-2013 in nine Indian cities.
Radius Infratel CEO Rajnish Wahi said that In the next 6-9 months, world class 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps plans will be available in India to residential or retail consumers. On connections like these, the same two hour HD movie will download in 30 seconds..

A two-hour movie in high definition version will be about 2.2 GB (Giga Bytes) size, he added.At average broadband speeds, the same movie takes over an hour for full download, experts said.

Whil Wahi declined to disclose the names of service providers or the cities where these plans will be first available, he said that discussions are underway and network.Deployment is already complete to enable this in Gurgaon.

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