23 Dec 2012

Top 5 Device Cleanup Apps for Android Device


Here we posting Top 5 Clean up Apps for Android  smartphones.This Apps allows to Clean your device disk space and deleting unwanted files and Cache and Browser History and also closes the background running Apps.Try to download this apps on your Device and increase the space ans performance as well..

This App allows you to delete history files, temp APKs, image thumbnails and any other residual files. Also, the app has a great task manager integrated..

This App  reminds you that can notify you when it’s time to clean your device. You can set up this feature to send you a notification once a day.

This App allows you to uninstall the any App from your device.This process will gives you a great performance ..

This app allows you to delete the cache file and many more like above features..

This app allow you to do all type of maintenance on your Android device

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